Finding a good and reliable Web Hosting Service is like playing hop-scotch in a mine-field. This is the reason why WWT4 decided to enter the market.

Having developed many web sites over the years for our clients, one of the most frustrating aspects was finding a Web Hosting company that aligned with our strict client support ideals.

The main problems resulted from the three-tiered approach to hosting. First you have to find a reliable server supplier via a web hosting company and hope the supplier uses a reliable data centre. Because you are dealing with the web hosting company you have no control over their choice of server company or data centre. Through experience we have found out who the reliable server companies are, but in dealing with a web hosting company, there is no guarantee they will use them as most are driven by profits alone. Also by including a middle-man, WWT4 is not able to give our clients value for money or guarantee effective web support for their site.


So moving into web services as our own server company was a logical step. We offer web space on our own web servers that are housed at the best world class data centres on the planet, or if you prefer we can build and manage your own dedicated web server.

For security reasons we do not use control panels or grant access privileges to the file system, and we provide all our customers with an award winning* Content Management System (CMS) as the basis of their site at no extra cost, and with no on-going license costs. The restrictions we place on our clients provide two advantages; we can guarantee the security and stability of our web services, and the technical aspects of managing a web presence are all handled for you.

Besides the stated benefits we offer the following services:

  • Data Security - we adopt a three-tiered approach to data security. Firstly our servers employ hardware RAID storage, which effectively mirrors your data onto two hard drives. Should one drive fail it is replaced within minutes and the data rebuilt from the data on the other drive, even without interruption to your site. Secondly all the site data, including the database, is backed up to another drive at the data centre on a daily basis. Lastly your site database structure and contents are emailed to us weekly, or if you prefer, a shorter period can be arranged. For larger companies, we can set-up a local intranet web site and activate a mirroring service to the internet web site. In this situation the emailing of data is generally not an issue.
  • First line support - we are the single point-of-contact for all problems via a job ticketing system. Any subsequent liaison with software or hardware suppliers over the problem is performed by us.
  • Site Administration - we look after all the administration of your site. It is a bit like having your own Information Technology (IT) staff on tap. Should you have an existing site we can migrate and activate the site for you.
  • Training - the web sites that we deploy for our clients use a Content Management System (CMS). That is a technical term that means a database-driven web site where the content is managed by you using an easy word-proccessing environment... much like Word. To enable you to update your site we provide a number of training aids, plus one-on-one training is available if required. However if the technology is a little overwhelming then we do offer an update service for you via e-mail.
  • Domain Registration - we can arrange domain registration for you including all Australian and overseas Top Level Domains (TLDs). Go to our DOMAINS page for more details. We even set-up Nameservers and e-mail forwarding for you. If those terms are unfamiliar to you then you definitely need us to manage the process.
  • Security and Performance Guarantees - we only deal with data centres that offer the most secure and reliable housing, and 100% performance guarantees. We monitor all hosted sites (every minute) and will probably know before you do that the server is off-line.

* Joomla CMS awarded Best Open Source CMS by LinuxWorld in October 2005 and October 2006.

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