Our standard web site is based upon an award-winning and enterprise class Content Management System (CMS), and includes the ability for you to update your own information in a friendly word-processing environment.

The site is developed using a template and your content is stored inside a database. That way the site content is separate from the site design (structure), and each page is drawn using the template and then populated with your data. In effect this means that you do not have to worry about the programming languages (the HTML/PHP/CSS code), and any site design changes can happen very quickly. With the standard package you get:

  • A complete working web site and hosting for the first year. Subsequent yearly hosting is charged at $240 per year and payable at the end of the financial year;
  • A site template. We design our own professional templates but do not restrict you to our set. We include hundreds of templates by the specialist template companies, and offer a modification service for $199 to modify an existing template or build our own from scratch;
  • A Menu Manager so static menus that can be modified, removed or added to;
  • A Media Manager to upload and manage all site graphics;
  • A Basic Statistics Module;
  • A Content Manager so content updates and changes can be effected;
  • A Front Page Manager to control the content on the Home page;
  • An Archive Manager to store historical data;
  • A Banner Ad Manager to control site banners;
  • The ability to Mass Mail to all registered users;
  • A News Feed Manager to allow data to be categorized logically;
  • A Basic Polls manager;
  • A Subscription Manager to allow other sites to subscribe to your information (via RSS);
  • A Web Links Manager to organize links to other sites;
  • A site Search Tool;
  • A Login Module to control and verify the process of adding users to your site; and
  • A number of minor modules to monitor who is on-line, display random images, display newsflashes and present the most popular pages

With the standard package you are responsible for all the content, but the cost includes 3 hours of concurrent user training for two people. Should you wish for WWT4 to complete your initial site population then a separate quote will need to be produced.
Currently there are over 2000 modules and plug-ins available to extend and customize your standard web site. Such extensions include; shopping carts, calendars, document management, media galleries, forums, newsletters, classified ads and forms management to name just a few. See the OPTIONAL PLUG-INS page for a full list of the ones we offer with pricing.

Licensing: Please note that most of the software used by WWT4 is Open Source and licensed under the GNU General Public License. As such no charge can be made in the provision of this software to the client. All prices above are based upon installation, configuration and customization of that software as appropriate.

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