Deluxe Image Gallery - $299

This plugin incorporates easy uploads and video support. The intuitive interface is  ideally suited for business, and personal web sites. Images can also be overlaid with copyright text to protect your intellectual property. 

Simple Image Gallery - $99

Images are placed into a folder using the Media Manager. The folder images can be placed into any content page using a simple tag that specifies the name of the folder.

Interactive Calendar - $199

Events on your site can be added or approved by registered users on your site depending on their access level. Reoccurring and multi-day events events can be input directly into the calendar or via the administration pages.

Magazine - $299

Add and extra level to the content management system capabilities. Great for online magazines, the content is assigned into 'issues' allowing you to keep all past issues while keeping a consistent layout between issues.

Shopping Cart - $399

The Shopping Cart turns your web site into a full on-line e-commerce shop. The plugin supports many popular payment gateways. Includes support for coupon codes, displays item inventory to the buyer, supports custom shipping/postage options and tracks order status for both you and your customers. Become a professional on-line shop front in very little time.

Forum - $199

The Forum plugin allows you to set up your own on-line community within minutes. Mangage users, assign moderators, post messages, automatic notification of new posts...everything you'd expect from a professional forum. Everything is linked to the CMS and there is no duplication of registered users.

Community Database - $299

Allows you to add your own custom fields to the web site so you can manage your own clients or members in a totally flexible way. The system fully integrates with other plug-ins to seamlessly glue them all together.

Subscription Module - $99

Allows you to collect revenue on a periodic or one-time basis. Perfect for members annual subscriptions or for supplying access to a certain part of your site or even a single file download. The module automatically reminds users of pending renewals and deactivates access if the subscription is not renewed.

Newsletter - $149

The Newsletter plugin is a great way to keep in touch with your site visitors. Easily create newsleters from your own set of templates and send them to your subscribers. Recipients can opt-in and manage subscriptions to your newsletters freeing up your time and allowing people to choose the content they want to receive.

Classified Ads - $249

The Classified Ads plugin is specifically designed to give your site the ability to create and manage a classified ads program. Classified Ads integrates into our content management system to give your users a streamlined experience along with the rest of your site content.

Animated Menus - $99

Give your site a professional look with animated, sliding menus. The Animated Menu plugin is a great way to display all your content pages logically, and in the smallest amount of screen space.

Document Management - $149

Ideal for distributing electronic files such as PDFs and any other type of file to your site visitors via an organized and intuitive download manager. Eliminate delivery limitations and uncertainties commonly associated with sending e-mail-based attachments and centralize all your electronic documents with this plugin.

Paypal Donation Button - $99

Many not-for-profit and charitable organizations accept donations and this simple plugin gives your site the abiity to do this with a single click via the PayPal service. Note that the price indicated does not include setting up a Paypal account.

Advanced Statistics - $149

The Advancd Traffic Monitor plugin analyzes the traffic patterns on your web site. In addition to yearly and monthly hit reports, you'll also find out what browsers and operating systems are used by your visitors and what pages on your site are most popular. This plugin also keeps track of the search engines and search terms peope use to find your site...essential information if you plan to advertise with search engines (such as the Google Adwords program).

Search Engine Friendly URLs - $99

Convert those complicated urls into Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs. In addition to giving your site a clean look, the SEF URLs are indexed more efficiently by search engines which improves your search engine results rating.

Form Manager - $149

Easily create dynamc forms for your visitors to complete. The Form Manager plugin allows you to create forms easily with no programming knowledge. If you use a lot of forms, this plugin will save you time by allowing you to re-use sections of your forms (i.e. name and contact info) so you are not always starting from scratch.

News Scroller - $99

The News Scroller plugin animates your content by scrolling through the desired content item summaries. A standard mouse-hover pauses the scrolling to allow the viewer to easily read the summary and, if interested, click the item to view the full story.
Licensing: Please note that most of the software used by WWT4 is Open Source and licensed under the GNU General Public License. As such no charge can be made in the provision of this software to the client. All prices above are based upon installation, configuration and customization of that software as appropriate.

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